Pre & Postnatal: build a strong foundation

Sometimes it's just more fun exercising together! Our classes are never larger than 5 persons and are led by an experienced physical therapist / personal trainer. Smaller groups allow for a more personalized training session, where the instructor is better able to see, adjust and correct the technique for each participant. No one disappears into the crowd! 

*Registration to our group training classes is done separately via our
contact form. Registration is binding. Minimum of 3 persons enrolled per group.

Pre & Postnatal classes fall 2018

Mommy-to-Be - This class ensures a safe and thorough workout while meeting the physical demands of pregnancy! Exercises are specifically-adapted to the various trimesters, with focus on deep core- and pelvic muscle activation, upper & lower body strength, stability and balance. All instructors are certified within pre/postnatal training from The Center for Women's Fitness©, USA.  

10 sessions with start Mon, September 3rd @ 16.30.

Strong Mommy A safe and effective way back to a strong and fit body post-pregnancy! Emphasis is placed on re-activating and strengthening the core and pelvic muscles, while at the same time strengthening the rest of the body. This class is also suitable for those suffering from chronic pelvic pain or diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles. Abdominal separation will be assessed by a physiotherapist during the first session. All instructors are certified within pre/postnatal training from The Center for Women's Fitness©, USA. 

10 sessions, with start Sun, September 9th @ 13.00.

Mamma Fit - Perfect for those of you seeking a faster-paced training, guaranteed to get your heart rate up while at the same time building strength safely and effectively! This class consists of a blend of traditional strength training, barre, pilates and functional training. Training takes place outside in Humlegården, together with stroller and baby. All instructors are certified within pre/postnatal training from The Center for Women's Fitness©, USA.  Get ready for a fun challenge! Suitable from 12 weeks post-delivery. Babies welcome!

                                                                 10 sessions, with start Sun, September 9th 2018 @ 15.00.