Group training:  active together

Sometimes it's just more fun exercising together! Our classes are never larger than 8 persons and are led by an experienced physical therapist / personal trainer. Smaller groups allow for a more personalized training session, where the instructor is better able to see, adjust and correct the technique for each participant. No one disappears into the crowd! 

*Registration to our group training classes is done separately via our
contact form. Registration is binding.

Pre & Postnatal Training

We offer safe and effective training, both during and after pregnancy, in smaller groups of 4-8 persons. 
*Minimum of 4 persons enrolled per group.

Mommy-to-Be This class ensures a safe and thorough workout while meeting the physical demands of pregnancy! Exercises are specifically-adapted to the various trimesters, with focus on deep core- and pelvic muscle activation, upper & lower body strength, stability and balance. All instructors are certified within pre/postnatal training from The Center for Women's Fitness©, USA.  10 sessions. Mondays at 15.30 or 18.30. Next start date January 29th, 2018.

Strong Mommy A safe and effective way back to a strong and fit body post-pregnancy! Emphasis is placed on re-activating and strengthening the core and pelvic muscles, while at the same time strengthening the rest of the body. This class is also suitable for those suffering from chronic pelvic pain or diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles. Abdominal separation will be assessed by a physiotherapist during the first session. All instructors are certified within pre/postnatal training from The Center for Women's Fitness©, USA. 10 sessions. Mondays at 16.30. Next start
                                                                                       date January 29th, 2018.

Mommy & Me Stroller Training - Bring your child along and train together with other mothers! These sessions provide an invigorating outdoor workout, incorporating aerobic and strength excercises that may performed together with your child and stroller. The result is a fun, sweaty and all-round workout that leaves both mom and tot feeling strong and happy!  10 sessions September-November. Start date for spring 2018 to be announced shortly. 

pilates classes

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for those who want to develop strong, supple muscles while at the same time working with the body in a calm, controlled and conscious way. *4-6 persons per class.

Pilates Beginner Mat - This group is suitable for those who are beginners or who have a history of back or neck pain. Much emphasis is placed on proper breathing and execution of technique in order to activate the core muscles and stabilize the spine. Please bring your own yoga or pilates mat.
10 sessions. Mondays 12.00. Next start date January 29th, 2018. 

Pilates Mat Continued - For those who already have a technical base in
Pilates. More challenging exercises are incoporated to increase core 
                                                                                    stability and strengthen the entire body. Please bring your own yoga or 
                                                                                    pilates mat.
 10 sessions. Start date for spring 2018 to be announced shortly. 

Pilates Circuit - This class combines traditional pilates exercises with          
functional training for a more challenging and heart-pumping work-out!
Exercises are done in lying, sitting and standing, and incorporate weights,
pilates balls, rubberbands and pilates machines to achieve an even greater
level of strength and tone. Suitable for those with prior exercise experience.

10 sessions. Start date for spring 2018 to be announced shortly. 

Private classes

For those who prefer a more private training session but still seek the comaradarie of friends! Create your own group of 2 friends, colleagues or family members and train together under the instruction of a physiotherapist / trainer.

Buddy System - Make exercise more fun by working out together with your spouse, son / daughter or best friend! Each training session is different, and combines everything from cardio to strength training for a fun and varied workout. 

Senior Plus - For those who are in their best years and would like to combine the active with the social! Training focuses on everything from improving your golf swing to increasing mobility and keeping up with the

Mommy-To-Be  - Are you 2 friends who are expecting and in the same trimester? Mommy-To-Be offers a safe and effective workout that has taken into account the physiological changes that occur in the body during pregnancy. We incorporate exercises from pilates with traditional strength training. Much focus is also placed upon correct breathing technique in preparation for childbirth. 

New Mommy - You are 2 new mothers who want to get started again after pregnancy. Particular emphasis is placed upon strengthening the core and pelvic muscles as well as stabilizing the spine. We incorporate functional strength with exercises from pilates to provide an effective, total body workout.