Physiotherapy & rehabilitation

treatments & prices summer/fall 2018*

*Physiotherapy Stockholm is a private clinic and is not connected to Landstinget. Free card is not valid.

Acute / Emergency visits (60 min., incl. medical advising)  895:-
Primary consultation  (60 min, incl. medical advising) 795:-
Return visits (55 min) 750:-
Acute / Emergency visit  950:-
Primary consultation  895:-
Return visits 850:-
Home training program  500:-
Treatment Package 5 visits * (incl. consultation + personal training with physiotherapist) 3 500:-   (you save 250:-)
Treatment Package 10 visits *
Treatment Package 20 visits 
7 000:-   (you save 500:-)
13 900:- (you save 1100:-)
*Treatment packages not valid on weekends 

We offer Gift Certificates for 1, 5 or 10 physio sessions! Valid 6 months from date of purchase. 
Please contact us for more information.

health insurance

Most health insurances offer quick access to high-quality private care. This also applies to counseling, various treatments and medical rehabilitation with a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy Stockholm accommodates insurance patients within 24 hours, with or without a referral. The insurance routines differ from company to company;  you can learn more about what your particular insurance company offers by consulting their website .