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Most people are affected at some point in their life by body pain and stiffness. This is most often due to improper loading, chronic injury or poor technique during exercise. Muscle and joint pain can also result from various diseases such as osteoarthritis and depression. Common to all of these is that the pain does not affect only one body part; rather, it affects the entire individual. Physiotherapy  takes a ‘whole person’ approach to health and well-being in order to find the reason as to why you have pain. Different methods of treatment are combined with exercise in order to  
                                                                                     achieve long-term results. *Free card is not valid.


You may, at some point, suffer an from an acute injury and / or have to have surgery in order to restore a physical disability. The treatment that follows requires very specific knowledge and medical management in order to ensure a normal healing process. We at Physiotherapy Stockholm have extensive experience from the primary, public and private health-care sectors and their standards of rehabilitation. We offer assessment and treatment of acute cases, as well as rehabilitation after surgery without queuing or doctor referral. *Free card is not valid.  

sports injury

Are you looking to sharpen your technical skills and performance during soccer practice? Have you suffered an injury during dance class? Or would you just like to improve your technique at the gym? Our physiotherapists and coaches have themselves been elite athletes, and have many years of experience in technique training, injury rehabilitation and preventative training for all from the everyday excerciser to the accomplished athlete. 

personal training

Our personal trainers are educated at the university level and have considerable experience in training all from the common exerciser to the  competitive athlete. A specific battery of tests are performed in order to assess your physical status and design your personal training plan in accordance to your personal goals. We use the principles of functional training, traditional strength training and Pilates to create a strong and supple body. Training is always conducted in a private setting, where there are never more than four people present at the same time. We also offer
                                                                                   training in smaller groups

Pre & Postnatal Training

Our pre- and postnatal training utilizes principles from Pilates, which provides a safe and effective workout. The exercises take into account the changes that occur in the body during and after pregnancy. Functional exercises with focus on increasing general strength of the legs, back and arms, are also included in order to give you an all-round workout. All training is modified according to the individual pre/postnatal stage as well as strength level.

Group training pilates

Sometimes it's just more fun exercising together! Our classes are never larger than 8 persons and are led by an experienced physical therapist / personal trainer. Smaller groups allow for a more personalized training session, where the instructor is better able to see, adjust and correct the technique for each participant. No one disappears into the crowd! 

Group training yoga

We offer small group Hatha yoga in order to provide as personal a training experience as possible. Each group consists of up to 8 people, and is led by a certified yoga instructor. The Hatha technique takes you through different body positions which serve to increase both agility and strength. Particular focus is placed upon correct technique, breathing and meditation. Hatha yoga is therefore a perfect training alternativ for beginners and veteran yoga enthusiasts alike! 


Pain can often be linked to impaired blood flow in one or more parts of the body. Studies have recently shown that massage reduces muscular tension and increases blood flow through the entire body. Massage consists of rubbing, kneading and stretching of stiff muscles which, in turn, reduces tension and helps to relieve pain. Massage can also prevent muscle damage, shorten the healing process and can be used after hard training sessions and competitions in order to facilitate recovery.