Rehab & Prehab: Build a strong foundation

Rehab training does not have to be boring - train together with others! Our Rehab & Prehab groups use fun, creative and challenging exercises that help to re-build strength and stability following an injury, as well as build a strong foundation in order to  prevent new injuries from occurring!

Rehab & Prehab classes fall 2018

Knee Prehab - This group suits those who have had a previous knee injury, who are still bothered by recurring instability and/or pain, or who would like to prevent further injuries from occurring! Specific focus is placed upon strengthening the deep, stabilizing muscles of the foot, knee and hip joints, as well as the entire core. Suitable for all ages and training levels!

10 sessions. Mondays @ 15.30 pm starting September 3rd. Instructed in 


Pilates for Back Pain - This group is specifically-adapted for those who suffer recurring pain/discomfort from the back or neck. Much focus is placed on correct muscle activation, technique and breathing strategies in order to help decrease stress to the spine. 

10 sessions. Sundays @ 14.00 pm and Mondays @ 17.30 pm starting September 3rd. Instructed in English. 


Crossträning för Dansare - Training functional strength - non dance-related movements - is just as important as training turn-out or extension. This not only to let the "dance muscles" rest and to avoid over-training , but also because having adequate functional strength affects your ability to perform optimally when you are dancing. The better overall strength you have, the better performance capacity you will have!

                                                                        Crosstraining for Dancers focuses on strengthening areas of the body most  
                                                                        exposed to the rigors of dance training, thereby helping to prevent the most  
                                                                        common dance injuries. Training consists of a mix of both functional and
                                                                        traditional strength training, pilates and / or yoga.

                                                        5 sessions. Sundays @ 16:00, Mondays @ 18.30 or Wednesdays @ 9.00
                                                       with start September 3rd.