food & nutrition: a healthier lifestyle

There is an upsurge of food trends and dieting methods today regarding how, what and when we should eat in order to achieve the ideal body. But what is correct and to whom should you listen? When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, energy and dietary requirements vary greatly from one individual to another. It is therefore just as important to adjust one's food intake to one's individual needs as it is to exercise and training. A nutritionist can help you along the way, whether it is about losing those last few pounds or getting the most out of your training program. Read more about our nutritional services and find out which package is right for you!

a sustainable weight

A healthy weight is a sustainable weight. There are many different diets and methods on today's market that promise you a quick and easy weight loss. Common to all of these is that they usually exclude one or more important food groups, thereby forcing the body into a state of starvation. The result is consequently a gaining-back of the pounds lost when the dieting period is over.

optimize your training

If you are under 18 years of age, if you train more than 3 times per week, or if you train at an elite level, then your energy needs look very different from that of the common exerciser. A nutritionist can help you develop a food plan that meets all of your nutritional requirements, giving you the energy and stamina needed for optimal physical and mental performance.